Bali Travel Diary: Where to go and what to do on the stunning Indonesian Island

Bali in Indonesia is an amazing holiday destination. It offers something for everyone. Want an adventurous trip? Spend your days exploring volcanoes and waterfalls. Fancy a week of relaxation? Enjoy the spas and beaches of the island. Enjoy the cultural side of life? Take trips to temples or attend an interesting festival.

If you’re starting to think about your packing list for Bali, I’m here to help. Not only will I share what to wear in Bali, but also a few useful extras you shouldn’t travel without. From bug spray and a reusable water bottle, to sun cream and a camera, there’s plenty to think about before you leave. 

What To Wear In Bali

If you pack only linen dresses, a cool knit summer dress and bikini for two weeks in Bali, you’d be set!!